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We are a team of individuals that love creating business. With passion, love and(sometimes stupid) humor we aim to craft your business online

Having 30 years of market experience, our CEO founded this agency when he had an idea. An idea to bring revenue to people who aren’t good at handling their online businesses

He was well versed with customer needs, so he decided to make a B2B marketing agency. Yes, just like that. Then a core team was built that knew all the fads and rads of digital marketing. With one sole aim. To bring you revenue. The team was named… Grapheazy!


Graphic Designing​

Blow their minds. Trap their attention

Digital Marketing

Fulfilling all your marketing needs in one fell swoop. Extracting that juicy revenue

Web Development

Website! Your authority. Your brand

Copy Writing

Connect. Compel. Convert!

App Development

Power your customer loyalty and engagement

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So, now that you have your software, you need to learn it. Keeping in mind that most of the viewers, reading this, are aspiring beginners, a great source of learning GD is, good-ol-youtube.

By the end of 2021, global revenue from offline commerce channels will be decreased by
roughly 20%.
Stats by (Accenture)
Global digital revenue increased by 11.6% in 2018. Amounting to 496 Billion.
Stats by (PQ Media)
Well, that clearly shows that revenue is going online. After the pandemic, everyone is scaling
their business online and generating revenue. So, you need to bring your business online as
well else you will fall behind.
Now, to bring your business online(and actually make revenue) you need digital marketing.
Either you need to do it yourself, or have someone do it for you.
Through digital marketing, you can generate tons of revenue through various techniques;
content marketing, website branding, social media branding, PPC ads, landing pages, and so
much more.

Yes, you will need to form an agreement with us(and most DM agencies) to work. We work on
commitment. And so should you. This binds both parties to fulfill their promise. We are bound to
give you our best services, provide revenue. Likewise, you are bound to give the compensation
for our services and the value being provided for you.

In a nutshell, graphic designing is a visual interpretation of a key message. It explains concepts, ideas, processes, etc with illustrations and image designs.

Finding an SEO agency(or any digital marketing agency for that matter) is not a task you should
take lightly. Your brand reputation is pretty much at stake here. While old “location, price, and
services for that price” factors are important, it isn’t nearly enough.
Here’s a quick foolproof checklist to select an agency:
● Their previous clients.
● Reach out to their clients to know what they say about the said agency?
● How are their reviews online?
● Knowledge the company has(if the company has a blog providing valuable information).
● Meet and ask them questions.
● Mouth to mouth referrals from your network.
● Their social presence. Are they actively putting out content?
● How does their website look?

● For successful businesses, their websites are the backbone of their brand. It’s the center
of their online presence where the potential clients can come and see what the hell is
this business is all about.
● Having a website in place when a customer searches for your brand builds credibility(Not
having one makes you lose it more than you would’ve gained!)
● Having just social media limits your reach. By creating a website, you can gain traffic
from Google(the largest traffic source online if you didn’t notice). And that traffic brings
potential leads.
● You can have a blog on a website. Having a blog unlocks SEO’s full potential. And SEO
is the main tactic to bring organic(free) traffic.