7 Reasons Why Do You need a website

How can a website help your business? Why should you be getting one? What perks will you have? These are the questions you will get answered today. So, if you have been the person who never wanted to get a website for your business, stick around till the end. I might change your opinion.

Building Authority

Having a professionally made website builds trust and credibility and finally, building authority. If a person searches for your business and doesn’t find a website online, he won’t search for you again.

While if he does find a website in place, and it’s elegant and has class, it will leave an impression. Impresses even us, whenever we come across an exceptionally innovative and elegant website.

Such a website emits authority in its field. It announces that they are the master of their crafts, and if you want to get it done, they can do it.

For Your Sale

Having a website is like having a trump card that is also a jack of all trades. It unlocks a plethora of sales opportunities. The marketing you can do with your website and social media alone can power your business.

The revenue you can make in the first few months of digital marketing on your site; it’s mind-boggling.

Case studies of revenue growing by 14,000% in the first year of strategic marketing are not uncommon. The website itself acts as a home base for your business. It’s the backbone of your company. This is where you can bring your every lead.

You Need To Be Discoverable

Your website is your core online presence. If someone wants to search for your business, they are going to be looking for your website. And you need to make sure you have a functioning one in place. Because how are customers going to find you, if they can’t find you?

The same goes for another business that might be interested to do business with you. And not only that, but you also need a website that is well SEO optimized to rank in search results. If you can get your website to rank on the first page of Google, you will be miles ahead of your competition. This is because over 80% of viewers (potential buyers) click on the first 10 search results.

It’s Your Business Open 24/7

Your website is available 24/7. You are not. This single fact is so powerful, it makes a world of difference for you. Especially if you have an e-commerce website, it’s like having a shop open 24 hours a day for business. So, if you have your traditional shop open for business 8 hours a day – now you can triple that. Then, with some mild maintenance, the business will work itself tirelessly. Profit!

Local Businesses Get Priority In Google Search Results

Yes, that is true. And for a good reason. If a person is searching for something on a phone, they are likely searching for the said thing on the go. Meaning the user probably needs that service or product in close vicinity.

And google knows that and recommends local business websites higher on search results. So, having a website in place for your business can do a lot for you.

Crucial For Your Brand Image

Do you want to know the #1 strategy for business? It’s branding. Period. And well, after social media, the website is the next gold mine for branding. Practically, it’s the core image of your brand. Plus, you have complete liberty on how you want to build your digital brand image.

You can use a mix of designs, color compositions, texts, illustrations, and so much more, to form a website that expresses your brand persona.

You Can Add a Blog To It

Having a website entitles you to the ability to have an ongoing blog. And boy, is it a powerful ability.

Just like a website is a goldmine for branding, a blog is a goldmine for traffic. And traffic means revenue. By adding a blog to your website, you can publish long text bodies that can house a shit ton of keywords. And those keywords are like a power-core for SEO analysts. SEO is the thing that will bring your website to top search results.

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