About Us

Who we are

We are a team of individuals that love creating business. With passion, love and(sometimes stupid) humor we aim to craft your business online

Having 30 years of market experience, our CEO founded this agency when he had an idea. An idea to bring revenue to people who aren’t good at handling their online businesses

He was well versed with customer needs, so he decided to make a B2B marketing agency. Yes, just like that. Then a core team was built that knew all the fads and rads of digital marketing. With one sole aim. To bring you revenue. The team was named… Grapheazy

We are the decisive factor behind your success

Grapheazy Technology works with one factor i.e. we work for expansion of our business ,which makes us compatible, different & unique in the market.

Having tremendous experience in this field , we were able to achieve client satisfaction by working by their needs.We will be the decisive factor behind your success.

Well, to sum us up:- We are a bunch of people who were basically told, “Most we can do is open a shop” when we were young.To which we said “Uh no…”. And just like that this business was established, and here we are(typical life stuff).

We looked through a lot of top digital marketing agencies and noticed that only a percentage of them offered 360 DM services. Thus, the vision of this company was to build a “single stop all solutions service”. An agency that offered all the major digital marketing services to a client.

To build a compact and efficient team, that covers various disciplines individually to give ultimate client experience. And make our services accessible to both small and medium businesses. Soon, our vision evolved to building strong brand standing online, for business owners like you.

We aim to bring home high revenue and apply result-driven approaches to achieve that. Grapheazy is an extremely affordable agency, who aims to give quality services, bring results in ROI – at super reasonable prices. And we love dogs.


Why Us

So what’s the process?


First thing first, we go under intensive exploration, about what your brand is in the core. What your aim is. We get to know your baby(your service/product). Your emotional connection to the business and how you feel as you go forward in your business endeavors.When we know where you are, we can get you to where you should be, or more importantly, where you want to be.

Investigate about your audience

Next up is discovering what your audience is. What are their needs, and how your audience feels about your brand. 

This includes demographics research, interest investigation, pain points, and how the solution(your baby) helps them. 

This information is going to be of critical need in the process

Establish goals

Once we know where you are at, we can set reasonable goals. This is important because, with specified goals, we know the direction to go to. And it will also tell us when we are losing, so we can refigure the game.


Now that we have your goals, we can form strategies to achieve those goals. To have a dedicated blueprint curated for your business is a necessity. This takes some brainstorming, critical thinking, and a lot of communication with our team and you.


Everything done so far is for this step. After a lot of discovering and strategizing, it’s time for execution.

We aim to deliver dedicated efforts. Perform pre-proven tactics to attain results. Organized execution along with communication, forms a key aspect for any process. And we have just the people to do that. 

Our team gives extra attention to complete tasks under deadlines. This leads to efficient execution.

Observe and recalibrate

As much as we would like to call the process done here, it still goes further. A lot of times, what a business needs is testing and experimenting. That means exploring which strategies work and which ones need some tweaking. 

This is because each business is unique.

So we standby and observe how the current tactics are performing, and then optimize(or sometimes replace completely) them to gain more refined results.