What is Copy Writing?

Your business is important. And we understand that. Our business is important to us too!
But what is important FOR your business? Well this one’s a no-brainer.
Copywriting is arguably THE single most important element of your business.
The sole purpose of a copy(a written piece) is conversion.

Copywriting is a very deep art.
“An art of a wordsmith”, as I like to say.

Practically speaking, your business can NOT run online without an effective copy(or any copy at all). Copywriting forms the core foundation of your business.

A copywriter aims to understand the target audience, and carefully crafts a copy that compels the viewer to take action.

Whatever that might(clicking a link, signing up to a subscription or buying something) Almost always, a difference between a good copy or a bad one determines whether your business venture will run or just fall flat on its face.

A good copy almost “makes” viewers do what you want, or at least pay attention to what you have to say till the end.

It tells why they need to take action. And often, take it now!
A writer understands the emotional triggers, creates need, presents benefits(and not features), recites a story, establishes connection and trust with the audience and so much more.

Needless to say, having a copywriter for your business is absolutely essential!
So do you have a copywriter for your businesses?

Audience research that resonates

Let me get this out of the way. Without copywriting(along with graphic design) you don’t have a brand! That little word is absolutely essential for your business endeavors. None of the services we offer can work harmoniously without a brand voice. And that, my dear friend, needs a copywriter’s work(spoiler alert: AI cant do that for you!)

There’s a reason why our writers get paid the big bucks. Because often, copywriting is very well the difference between your brand, and how your audience perceives it. We, humans, are weird. We take actions based on- weird and often nonsensical- influences and emotional triggers. And us copywriters understand and utilize that. That’s how we get your audience to buy.

We employ psychological triggers, emotional hooks, proven copywriting, and more marketing strategies to super-boost your copy/content.

The type of copy you get depends on the type of aim, business, and audience you have.Now, the content to be written itself can have a variety of goals. Whether it’s driving traffic, getting clicks, gaining leads, giving value by information, making a brand voice, gaining engagement, getting conversions, communicating your brand message, and more. Phew! That’s too much. No wonder every business needs a copywriter.

You see, we copywriters engage with your audience, build rapport with them and very smoothly, get them to convert(if that’s what you want).
So, now that you understand why copywriting is SO important, have a look at your business.

Is your copy satisfying your needs? If it is, then great. You probably have a rocking copywriter. Either that or you are secretly one yourself! If it’s not and needs improvement(or complete replacement) allow us to do that for you. Contact us today. We will be happy to collaborate with you and get you that juicy revenue!