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What is Digital Marketing?

If you have a business online. You are a digital marketer. You practically cannot have a business online without digital marketing. Period.

Here are some mind-boggling facts about digital marketing. Read them attentively, I suspect they might be important for your business. 98% of sales reps are reaching their quotas through social selling. An average of 142 minutes is spent on social media every day.

93% of all online interactions start with a search engine. Users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to actually convert Native ads that also include rich media can boost conversions by 60%

87% percent of customers say; “brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent customer experience” Organic search is responsible for 51% of all website traffic. As for the rest, 10% comes from paid search, 5% from social media channels, and 34% from other sources.

That being said, digital marketing is a very broad and diverse field. So, often, it’s not clear what services do you need. So here are overviews of various services you might need.

Email marketing?

If you have a running business, then you must realize how simply crucial email marketing is. To a company, their email list is their most valuable asset.

Why do you ask?

Well, simply because emails have the most conversion rates. It is more than any blog, landing page, or sales pitch.

This is because 98.4% of people check their emails daily. And if you can send the best email for your offer, your revenue will skyrocket. We understand how valuable your list is. That’s why our expert team utilizes the best strategies and structures the emails to make the most out of them.

For instance, selling your premium products via emails can flip your revenue “downside-up”. It is that powerful.

Understanding your audience and their needs allow us to send the right email to the right customer.
This, in turn, builds trust in your services or brand as you grow(this also increases mouth-to-mouth referrals)

Our experienced team does exactly that for you.

We look at the kind of audience you have, your business type, your products and devise the best way of communication with your email list. The feedback we get allows us to further adapt and optimize. With this, the success rate per email can rise seven-folds.

Google Analytics

You cannot improve what you can’t measure. It’s really that simple. That’s also why, if you want to improve your business, you need to measure how it is doing.

This is where we drive insights on how your online efforts are doing, and how we can help you with them, and how our efforts are doing for you. As you probably know, analytics is like a powerplay in marketing campaigns.

Gaining insights, demographics of your audience, why people are bouncing off your website, what parts can use improvements, where is your revenue going and so much more. All of which are godsent insights that will help us to super-boost your business.

And we know how to utilize it the right way, so analytics work for you. And more specifically for your revenue!