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How to Level Up Your Local SEO in 1 Day – 2021

If you are a local business, you need to listen to this. Google prioritizes local businesses in search results. 43% of all Google searches are for local services. So, if you haven’t done your SEO homework, you are missing out on major organic revenue.
Now, to correct that here’s a definitive guide to reframing your SEO game.

So, What’s this Local SEO?

It is the optimization process of your business and product website for improving search engine visibility in local searches. We are talking about businesses with physical locations.

Now, as Google gives priority to local businesses for a location-specific search query; your business can increase organic traffic in results of nearby search queries. There’s a reason Local SEO is so important 76% of consumers that search for something local on their phone visit a store that day”

  • Google
    That means if your site showed up in local search results, there’s a high chance the person making that search will visit your store. And he will visit for purchase.

    Local Search Results on Google
    After a search query, Google presents search results in mainly two categories.
  1. Organic Search Results(The website)
  2. Google My Business(local)

    As said before, local businesses get a special priority from google for being in the user’s vicinity. That being said, there are exceptions. If the user searches for a specific service or a product with a specific geographical location, the search results will be shown accordingly.

    Organic Search

    These are the things you do to power-boost your online presence, thus improving your search results.

    Social interaction

    Positive social engagement of your business page sends a powerful signal to Google. It considers content that is shared organically by users. And bumps your ranking.

    Also, your engagement in social media can bring a good impact on your overall SEO.

    Get your NAP right

    The goal is to direct users to your place with ease. So, your name, address, and phone number(NAP) should be up-to-date.

    A misguided user might leave a critical review or have a bad user experience. That will send poor signals to Google about your business. So make sure you got that covered.

    Local keywords

    This is the core of the organic SEO strategy. You need to make a robust keyword research list curated for your business. What you got to do, is find out what search query your ideal customer might use to find your services.

    Then pop those keywords in a solid keyword research tool like UberSuggests, SEMrush. You can take your time curating your keyword list. Of course, do your research on location base.

    Look at top search results

    Make a search on google that relates to your service. Then look at the top ads. Observe those ads, see what keywords they are using in their meta descriptions. Now, along with your already researched keyword lists, make a sensible meta description and title. The Local SEO practice is optimizing the business’s website for local search queries and optimizing the business’s GMB page.

    Google My Business(GMB)

    Google My Business provides highly visible business branding directly in search results with a knowledge panel. Google is also increasing options for users to interact with the businesses directly from search results via your Google My Business page with the following options:

    Without a GMB page, you may miss half of your opportunities in a local search result and the local pack.

    A Google My Business page is one of the most important tools that any business has at its disposal.
    Here are the practical things you can do to improve your GMB.

    1. If you want to optimize your GMB, get your consistency in. Your business info should be the same and correct everywhere. If your address is different from the website, that sends a no-no signal to google about your business.
    2. Optimize your schema(structured data markup)
    3. Make sure you choose the optimal category for your GMB listing
    4. Get your directories in. Local-specific directories and niche-specific directories.
    5. Mention your site location on titles and on the site itself.
    6. Have a solid and accurate description of your business.
    7. Add a map of your site-location on your website’s about page.

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