Write For Us

Who can submit an article?

You, my friend! All you need is an idea, passion for writing, ability to organize articles, and respect for the community. You can be a seasoned writer to an absolute beginner. Those who share a love for writing are welcomed alike here.

Our editorial department will review your submission and also give feedbacks (don’t worry, we
will try our best to keep your article original to your idea)

What articles do we publish?

We publish articles with a minimum of 700 words. There is no upper limit to the length of articles. So, you can get real deep into your topics. Just make sure your delivery is right throughout the article. The complexity of the topic should dictate the overall length of the article.

Are you allowed to market yourself in the post?

Yes, actually! We allow you to do content marketing. Although, you can only use a max of 1 link per article, plus a link to a website.

That being said, the article should not be about your product itself. We do accept product reviews. But articles that are basically walk-throughs of your product use are deemed for rejection. The submissions should be informative.

You can market with 1 link somewhere in the post. Make sure that it needs to be short, concise, and should blend well with the post(important).

approved with more ease.

Will you get paid?

We’re sorry, but you won’t. At least not currently. But, our CEO is considering giving compensation to our authors (you guys) in near future. So, we would recommend forming a solid relationship with us. You see, previously accepted authors get their newer submissions

Our word

We strive to give a platform for you to share your curiosity. Have an idea or discussion you just got to get out? You can do that here.

It’s a mutual relationship. While you get to post your ideas here, it helps our website grow as well. Needless to say, we appreciate your efforts.

Your word

The community here is educational, inspired, and positive. So, it is your responsibility to make sure your content is respectful. Any content that is offensive, criticizing (not constructively), racist and alike will be outrightly rejected. We have a brand image to maintain, and a community – including authors – to protect.
Since your creation I important for both of us, we handle your submission with care.
While we do allow marketing with 2 links per post, the post itself needs to be exclusive. It shouldn’t be posted anywhere else(including your blog).
That being said, the authors will be promptly credited at the bottom, along with a bio and link to your website 
We get to have your post and you can refer/link to our website in your resume.
The approval of a post on someone else’s website shows a strong qualification for the author.
Since we have a screening for submissions in place, acceptance of your post implies your
authority as a writer.

Submission Process

1. You start by pitching your idea to us in an email. Mail id: support@grapheazy.com
2. Yes, it is appreciated if you make a query before crafting the entire post. That way it’s easier for both of us.
3. Once you have submitted your query, it will be reviewed by an editor. The idea will then be briefly discussed with the team. If you get a green light, we’ll let you know soon, so then you can start working on your masterpiece.
4. If you submit an already formed article, then the entire article will be reviewed and discussed with the team.
5. We will offer some feedback and suggestions (if any) to your submission. This step is to ensure that your post fits our writing tone.
6. With a little more back and forth, the finished piece will be scheduled to publish.